3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach Backyard

3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach Backyard

So it’s time to start enjoying your backyard again now that the weather is warming up in Hampton Roads. You know you want something to bring peace and tranquility after a hard day at the office.

You need a water feature.

A water feature can be something you add to your existing swimming pool, to your storm drainage plan or just as a stand-alone piece that brings the rhythm of rushing water to your backyard.

In this blog you’ll learn about three different water features that can be added to your outdoor oasis this summer.

The Wonder of Waterfalls

Waterfalls offer a constant flow of water that adds a natural rhythm to your backyard. Your Chesapeake landscape design company can install a swimming pool waterfall to mimic the feel of swimming in nature, or they can build a waterfall in your backyard as a place to relax and unwind.

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3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach Backyard
If you prefer to create a natural hideaway for relaxation, you can install a formal waterfall with manmade materials or you can opt for a waterfall that you’d find in the woods using natural boulders, rocks and stones.

Your waterfall can end in a pond or you can go pondless.

A pondless waterfall ends at a bed of stone or gravel that contains an underground reservoir to collect the water. Your waterfall can be part of a dry creek stream or it can be a stand-alone rock garden filled with shrubs, perennials and small trees.

Your pondless waterfall can also use a wide variety of rocks---from boulders and rocks that set the scene to river rocks and pebbles where the water disappears into the reservoir below.

Here are four benefits of a pondless waterfall:

  1. Less maintenance
  2. Less expensive to install and operate
  3. Safer with children and pets
  4. More flexible: You have the ability to turn on and off your pondless waterfall at your leisure.

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Adding a waterfall to your existing swimming pool adds a Zen-like feeling if you opt for natural stone or the clean lines of a simple waterfall.

If you want a more festive air, you can add a waterfall with multi-colored lights and a pavilion sheltering one end of your pool.

Prefer an island?

You can also add a waterfall in the middle of your pool to pretend you’re in a secluded lagoon.

Check out these swimming pool waterfall designs on Pinterest.

Fountains for All Seasons

If you want an interesting focal point that you can enjoy outdoors as well as inside your home, consider adding a fountain.

3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach BackyardThe rhythm of moving water in a unique design—whether it’s a formal fountain of a woman carrying an overflowing jar of water on her head or water bubbling over three standing stones—you have a wide variety of water fountains to choose from.

You first want to think about the perfect spot for your fountain. Do you want it at a place where you can see it from inside your home? Or do you want something more private—in an enclosed area that’s just for you?

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Next, you want to think about your style. Are you more formal? Or do you prefer a more “back to nature” setting?

You can pick many different types of materials, including metal, stones, rocks and glass for your fountain. You can add lighting or fire to your fountain so you can enjoy it during the day or night.

Finally, you need to make sure that your landscape designer has easy access to water and electrical lines to set up the water and lighting in your new fountain.

Dry Stream Beds

3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach BackyardDry stream beds have both practical and artistic purposes. If your Va. Beach property has storm drainage problems, a dry stream bed can help direct water away from your home to a more suitable spot.

You can also include a dry stream bed if you want to add visual interest in your front- or backyards. Your landscape designer can install different native Virginia plants, shrubs and trees as part of a rock garden that holds water during heavy downpours.

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Tiny Yards Need Water Features Too

If you have a small yard, don’t despair! You, too, can have a water feature—just on a smaller scale.

3 Outdoor Water Features You Need for Your VA Beach Backyard

Image Source Via Flickr chiotsrun

For example, your Hampton Roads landscape designer can still build a waterfall to your swimming pool or have a pondless waterfall in a small corner of your yard. Fountains work on a deck, patio or in the middle of your backyard, if you desire.

And your designer can install a dry stream bed winding from the back of your home to the front yard. The same materials apply—river rock, boulders, stones and pebbles.

Plus, you can add different types of shrubbery, small ornamental trees and various perennials to add texture, color and depth.

Indeed, you can still create the relaxing atmosphere of a water feature in your small yard.

Don’t you think it’s time to create the soothing rhythm of falling water in your backyard? This summer, consider including one of these water features to your outdoor oasis in Virginia Beach.

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