5 MUST HAVE Outdoor Structures

5 MUST HAVE Outdoor Structures

This summer, do you want to have an outdoor structure that allows you flexibility to enjoy your backyard at any time of the day or night? Do you have an empty space that needs to be filled or add some shade to your south-facing patio? Then you’re looking for an outdoor structure for your Hampton Roads home.

5 Must Have Outdoor Structures

You want an outdoor structure, but you’re not sure what will look best with your home’s architectural style and color. You may need only a cover to break up the sunshine or you may want a fully enclosed structure to protect you from biting insects.

Here are five must have outdoor structures to make your backyard the best this summer:

Decks: The wooden cousin to a patio. Did you know that you can get up to 80% return on a deck project when you sell your home? Indeed, decks not only provide an outdoor space for your Hampton Roads backyard, but they also give you a return on your investment.

Above ground decks provide a built-in cover for your patio below. Your deck can hold the same amenities as your patio—except the project is built with wood. Popular building materials include ipe, cedar or pressure-treated lumber.

And a deck fits well on both large and small backyards. Here are some questions to consider when planning for your deck:

  • Decide where you want to add your deck. Will it replace an existing patio or balcony? Will it be a new structure to your home? If so, where is the best place to add it for what you want to use it for?
  • The size of your deck depends on how much room you have to build. If your backyard is tiny, no worries. A small deck with risers will add dimension and depth to your outdoor oasis. If you have a large home, your deck can become an extension of your home with an outdoor kitchen, dining and living areas.
  • Consider what you want to add to you deck, such as an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub and other amenities. Will there be a view for you and your guests to enjoy? How much privacy will you have?
  • Make sure it fits with the architectural style and color of your home. You don’t want your deck to look mismatched to the rest of your home’s style. Match your deck to your home’s exteriors—including other outdoor rooms.
  • Decide what type of wood you want your deck made out of such as ipe, cedar or pressure-treated wood. Ipe and cedar cost more than pressure-treated wood. How much money do you have in your budget for the type of building materials you want?

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Patio covers: During the hot summer months, you’ll want an added cover to block the sun’s rays. You can choose from many different types of patio covers to grace your Hampton Roads’ backyard. Here are some popular choices:

  • Pergolas – Since Roman times, people have used pergolas to break up the sun’s rays. They give your home a style boost as well as shade. Pergolas also work well on all types of outdoor rooms: Dining areas, poolside, outdoor kitchens, over the patio or deck. Pergolas can be stand-alone structures or attached to the side of your house.
  • Fabric covers: You can add a retractable awning to cover your deck or patio. Pergolas even come with retractable fabric covers so you and your guests have additional protection from the rain and wind. You control how much shade and weather protection you need with a click of a button.
  • Pavilion: You can have a solid roof over your head if you invest in a pavilion. However, you may want to add ceiling fans to keep the air circulating and your guests cool.

• Here are some other benefits to patio covers.

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Gazebos: If you have a large property, you may want to include a gazebo. These graceful garden structures give you a feeling of being away from it all. If your home is along the river or bay, you may want a gazebo for a screened, sheltered area to enjoy the waterfront. Some landscape designers recommend adding a gazebo as a yard focal point for you to enjoy looking at throughout the year.

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Cabanas and pool-houses: These two outdoor structures aren’t one and the same. Indeed, a pool-house is a fully built structure with four walls and a roof. Pool-houses are great for storing garden and pool supplies or housing an extra bedroom, kitchen and bathroom for your guests.

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Screen Porch via Design Builders, Inc.

Screened-in porches: If you want to sit outside at dusk and not be eaten alive by mosquitoes and other biting insects, then a screened-in porch may be the perfect outdoor structure for you. You have the benefit of having a roof over your head as well as screens on the walls to enjoy the night-life without insects annoying you.

All of these outdoor structures allow you to entertain any time during the day and night. You can add landscape lighting, plumbing and electrical lines to transform these outdoor structures into the perfect outdoor living space.

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