Our Drainage Stories

Our Drainage Stories

Living in Hampton Roads you or someone you know is bound to have drainage issues. Let’s face it we’re only a few feet, if that, above sea level and there is not a whole lot of places for our storm water to go. We want to take some time to tell you about some interesting drainage problems we have run into in the past and how we have fixed them. 

A recent job that we did in Chesapeake had a classic Hampton Roads drainage problem. The homeowner called us to install a patio in her backyard because all she had was a mud pit where the kids and the dogs had torn up the grass. The area held water and was constantly soggy and she was tired of dealing with the mess.

The main issue causing the problem in her yard was that her soil was just a clay layer on top that made it impossible for water to percolate through the soil and also made it very difficult for grass to grow to help absorb some of the moisture. To help solve her problem areas, we graded the back yard away from the house and installed a paver patio that subtly sloped toward the woods. We didn’t want to pave all the way to the fence so instead we added a landscape bed at the end of the patio that contained plant material (Distylium ‘Blue Cascade’) that not only could handle wet feet, but would actively help to absorb any runoff from the new patio.

For the rest of the yard we graded away from the house and towards the woods and tilled in topsoil and compost to help break up that clay layer so that water would be able to permeate better. After the grade and the soil issue was fixed, we laid fescue sod that would do well with a little bit of shade and would thrive with the new amended soil and help to absorb any rain water.

The end product was like night and day. Their yard went from completely unusable to a welcome retreat and entertaining area. 

Virginia Beach Backyard, Pavers

In 2013 we had a customer that was having to replace their in-ground pool liner every year because of water getting behind it and causing it to float. First we had to identify how the water was getting behind the liner and then come up with a solution to keep it from happening.  As it turns out the water was seeping through the cracks in the concrete of their pool decking.  Thankfully, they were looking to replace the concrete any way. We came up with a plan, but first we had to remove the cracked concrete.  Once the concrete was removed we dug down and opened the area up to place a drain pipe.  After the pipe was place we back filled the space with rock.  Then the excess water was piped to a reservoir.  We implemented a sump pump and pumped the water to the street to drain.  Below is the plan that we created during the design process to help you visualize the process better.

Since providing this solution they have not need to replace the liner again.  They have also told us they know it’s working because they see the water being pumped out on the street.  We are so grateful that we were able to fix their drainage needs and provide them a long lasting solution!

 If you are looking out into your yard and wondering what you should do with all that mud, then think about calling us to help! We have a wide range of stories and solutions to fit your needs!