Why Your Va. Beach Property Needs Outdoor Lighting

Why Your Va. Beach Property Needs Outdoor Lighting

You’re a busy professional. Sometimes you don’t get home until 11 p.m. Do you have a niggling thought as you drive up to your dark home that someone may be hiding in the bushes? Or you may want to entertain in your backyard well past sundown. Yet, you don’t want people tripping up the stairs to your deck or getting lost from the front of the house to the party in the back due to no pathway lights to guide them.

How can you make your front- and backyards safer and more welcoming?

Outdoor lighting is the answer. Today’s outdoor lighting options are more than just your parents’ floodlights. Today’s outdoor lighting is a work of art that you control through your phone to light up the front porch lights when you get home from a long day at work or illuminate the way for your party-goers to get to your pool.

There are three main reasons why you want to add outdoor lighting to your Va. Beach property:

  1. Safety and security
  2. Set a mood
  3. Create depth.

Safety and SecuritySafety and Security

The world’s a scary place and you want your home—including your outdoor living spaces—to be a haven of security and peace. You can claim that serenity back when you add motion-sensor lights, lighting along walkways and lights directing your visitors up your driveway.

Would-be intruders stay away when they see a well-lit home—from the front porch to the backyard. Your front porch not only says, “Go Away,” to invaders—but it also says, “Welcome,” to all of your guests.

You can even add outdoor lighting to those dark corners of your backyard and around the perimeter of your home to scare away folks who don’t belong there.

No more darkness in the far reaches of your property.

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Your guests will also feel safer in your backyard when they feel surrounded by lights. They don’t need to worry about tripping on the steps because of the step lights installed on your patio stairs or losing their way to the backyard.

Set a Mood

Whether you have a small yard or an acre of land, you want to create an atmosphere for your night-time get-togethers. As you plan your party, you can imagine your friends and family laughing together, muted conversations and glasses of wine.

Outdoor lighting can set the mood for what you’re envisioning.

When you hire a Hampton Roads landscape designer to install your outdoor lighting—get creative. Sketch out some landscape lighting ideas that include Japanese lanterns, string lights, moonlighting and uplighting. Choose where you want to add lighting in the ceiling of your pavilion, in the pool or outlining your arbor.

Modern technology allows you to generate different moods to your backyard too. Colors, shading and focal points can all be transformed through outdoor lighting.

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Not only can the main outdoor living areas be bright and bold with chandeliers, globed and stringed lights, but your pool and pond can have lighting added to them too. Encourage your guests to watch the koi interweave through the lights or have a midnight swim with multi-colored lights creating interesting shapes and shadows in the pool.

You can change your party’s mood, too, with a touch of a button.

Instantly, change your outdoor lights’ color, mute shades and lower the lights for ultimate relaxation with smart phone technology. You can also coordinate your lights with music for some entertainment and dancing.

Next, you can highlight your property’s features that you’re most proud of. Is there a tree in your backyard that has stood the test of time? Is your home’s architecture interesting and should be highlighted with uplighting?

You can also establish your outdoor living space’s nighttime character by adding blue lighting by your pool or use moonlighting to cast interesting shadows in a hidden niche in your garden.

Plus, gazebos, arbors and she-sheds can be lit up for people to enjoy them as well as to create a sense of romance.

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Even your fire feature can have different types of outdoor lighting to set the mood and highlight the builder’s unique design.

Create Depth, Bigger Spaces and Optical Illusions with Outdoor Lighting

Whether you want to maximize your small yard’s space or to give the illusion of marrying your indoors with your outdoors, landscape lighting can play tricks on the mind.

You can outline your outdoor lighting to zone in on a focal point, add more depth to a small patio space or highlight your mature trees for visual interest.

All in all, outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space feel bigger even if it’s tiny.

Did you know that you can improve your property’s value with outdoor lighting?

If you want to feel safer coming home after dark and you want to entertain on your patio with more than candles, then you need outdoor lighting. Now’s the time to get those landscape lights installed so you and your friends can enjoy the late evening hours.

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