Winter Indoor Plant Care

Winter Indoor Plant Care

Bringing a plant or two indoors may help improve your life, whether it is by increasing the oxygen in the air, purifying the air, adding humidity over the dry winter, or by bringing up your mood just bringing some beauty inside. Even if you only bring them in over the winter there are many benefits to indoor plants. You may be reluctant to have indoor plants because you aren’t sure how to care for them properly.  Let us help you!

With the shorter days of winter, it’s vital our plants are placed in the right spots around our house. Move them to the windows and rooms in your house that receive the maximum amount of light during the day. Place them next to the windows during the day and slide them back from the cold glass as night approaches.  As odd as it might sound dust your plants.  If your plants leaves are covered in dust the plant won’t receive as much sun light. When it comes to sun light for your plants wait for a warmer day and wash your window inside and out, even if it already looks clean.  This ensures that nothing is blocking all the nutrition the plant receives from the sun.  They need sun light just like humans!

Now is the time to prune and repot your plants.  Remove your plants from their current containers and knock off the old soil from their roots.  After putting new soil in the container place your plant back in. Since the soil will be fresh you may need to apply staking depending on the type of plants.  Also if your indoor plants include vining plants now is the time to prune them back.

Check your plants for pests.  Now is the time that pests will show up because of the heat, lack of sun, and humidity (if humidifiers are used).  Watch for fungus gnats, spider mites, and mealy bugs. To treat, mix rubbing alcohol with liquid soap and spray liberally over the plants, wait 20 minutes and rinse the plant with water.

During the winter months’ plants don’t need as much water.  Plant soil should dry out completely before watering the plant again. When checking the plants soil check a couple inches deep to see if the soil is still moist.  If the soil is dry, then pull the plants container off of the saucer and run tap water over the soil. Place the plant back on the saucer and if water pools under the plant empty the saucer again.  If you use humidifiers, then your plants definitely do not need to be watered as often as they do in other seasons. 

Having plants in your home is great all year-round but is especially great over the winter.  Placing plants inside your home is only beneficial to you and them if they are cared for properly.  Follow these basic steps to ensure a healthy life for your in-home plant oasis.