Mike D'Orso

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Mike D'Orso

I love where I live, right on the Lafayette River here in Norfolk. This is, however, one of the most flood-prone spots in Hampton Roads. And it's gotten worse every year since I moved into this home in 1993. By the year 2001, the river was rising so high with each storm that I knew I had to do something radical if I wanted to stay here.

That's where Shawn Anderson stepped in.

With Shawn's knowledge and imagination, we were able to design and install a one-of-a-kind, landscaped stone-wall-backed berm surrounding my home that not only will keep those flood waters out for decades to come (we hope), but is also a gorgeous aesthetic feature in itself, planted with carefully chosen foliage able to survive occasional high water.

That's "outside" the wall. Just as gorgeous is the landscaping Shawn/Visonscapes designed and installed "inside" that berm - the area surrounding my home between the wall and the house.

This landscaping includes an intricate system of water features (waterfalls, streams, and ponds), winding stepping stone pathways (including a Zen garden-style bridge), and carefully selected plants and foliage that have turned my back yard into a stunning botanical garden, a peaceful sanctuary unto itself.

I couldn't have found a more earnest, accommodating, reliable and responsive "partner" than Shawn. After more than ten years, I now consider our relationship not just professional, but personal as well. When Shawn works for you, as he has for me, it's inevitable that he will become your friend.